Diptaa Sloniir (anagram of la disparition in French) questions her relationship to disappearance.


She specifically explores the moment before absence, and tracks the individual and fleeting experience that will eventually become extinguished and intangible in a collective time and space.


Invoking historical or scientific facts, articles or discussions, Sloniir’s body of works reflects individual and collective tales, real or constructed memories. It draws from personal mythologies and their emotional sources, and intimately connects the audience to a universal time trajectory, punctuated by solitary experiences.


A formal balance between an identifiable and discontinued narrative reveals her interest in a distorted reality. Her preferred medium most often combines 120mm film photography with modern and organic elements, creating what she perceives as totems or portraits; final embodiments of an ongoing disappearance.


Diptaa Sloniir is a French artist. After 5 years spent in San Francisco she is now based in Stockholm, Sweden. Her background in Art Conservation informs the technical aspect of her creative process and exposes a sensitivity to materials.






Traces fragmentées de souvenirs évanouis