No Lines Drawn



Bite the Eye Candy Girl


Watercolor, torn paper and black and white photograph insert on dyed paper

45,5 cm x 28,7 cm (approx.18 inches x 7 inches)

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Self-Portrait, Sun Rising


Black and white photograph inserts, ink and watercolor on dyed paper

17 cm x 23,2 cm (approx.6.6 x 9 inches)

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Ink, ink pen, micron pen and black and white photograph inserts on paper

17 cm x 23,4 cm (approx.6.6 inches x 9 inches)

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The Man Behind the Window (Torn version)



Watercolor, peeled-off and torn print, ink pen, tape marks on black and white archival print from an original film photograph taken in New Orleans.


19 3/4" x 17 1/4"

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White Holes, 2014

(A tale of the Oregon Trail)

A Place underneath trees along the Oregon Trail, close by is a woman's grave.

"A woman lies 

Rests under rocks 

Crosses and sticks

As I pass by"


Wool, ink pen, pencil, cut out, watercolour on back and white archival print.

30" x 30"


Lige, 2015


Ink, inkpen, cut outs, collages, paper constructions, shagreen and rabbit fur on archival black and white original print.

Mounted on foamboard with marbled back paper.


33" x 46" x 15"



Jumps, 2014


Ink, pastel, inkpen and pencil on color photograph

5" x 5"



The Ice Maiden, 2014

(A Portrait of the Ukok Princess)


Horsehair, ink pen, pencil, ink, linocut print on archival color print.

20" x 20"


Aimantés, 2013


Ink, ink pen, torn paper and pencil on black and white photograph 

5" x 5"





Zabriskie Point, 2014


Ink, ink pen and lace printing on color photograph

(Flyer proposal for Madeleine Daudin's fashion show)

5" x 5"